Ranchhouse Cowboy Church

Following the Trail that Jesus Gave Us

About Ranchhouse Cowboy Church

Bucking CowboyBucking CowboyBucking Cowboy

To know God and to make Him known to cowboys and cowgirls everywhere as we ride for His brand.

Through our Team concept, those who do the work of the ministry also govern the ministry.


Ministry Teams - Ministry teams shall be organized to carry out the specialized ministries of the church.  One member shall be designated by the lay pastor or staff member to be team leader.


Team Members - Must be members of the church in good standing, love the Lord and have a desire to see His Kingdom grow.

Discipleship - We simply want to get to know God better.


Evangelism - We want to share what we know with others so that they too may come to Godís saving grace through Jesus Christ.


Family - We affirm and support Godís choice of families, meaning a man and a woman joined by Holy matrimony to be Godís plan from eternity.  We affirm support to our families and their children in the teaching of Godís Holy Word.


Culture - We will keep our services and our activities culturally relevant to the cowboy lifestyle and our western heritage.


Association - We will work cooperatively with like minded churches, ministries and associations to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Simplicity - We will strive to keep our activities, structure and message as simple as possible.

Our Purpose

Our Governance

Our Values

Ranchhouse Cowboy Church

Mailing address:† PO Box 608

Physical address:† 7205 FM 66

Maypearl, Texas 76064†††† Phone: (972) 435-2650†

E-mail: secretary@ranchhousecowboychurch.org

Office Hours:† Closed Monday,

Tuesday - Friday 9:00 A. M. - 12:00 P. M.